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New model of antivirus protection of computer network users

Dátum: 02.01.2013 | Vložil: Jaroslav Lámer

Theoretic design and implementation of a network model for protecting computer network users from malicious software. Data stream analysis is realized as a ’man in the middle’ service.
The implementation also suppresses threat of DDoS attacks originating in stations of the protected segment of network. The model is implemented as socks proxy server. Language SK, 30 minutes

The fairness criteria and the price of fairness

Dátum: 19.12.2012 | Vložil: Matej Cebecauer

max-min fairness, proportional fairness and the price of fairness
language SK-EN,30 minutes

Využitie GPU v multiagentových simulačných modeloch (ABAsim)

Dátum: 14.12.2012 | Vložil: Miroslav Mintal

Jazyk SK, 30 min

Dynamics of Systems of Many Electrons and Nuclei

Dátum: 14.12.2012 | Vložil: Lukáš Konečný, Márius Kádek

Physical systems, such as molecules, contain many electrons and nuclei. The behaviour and properties of these systems are described by the quantum mechanical equation of motion, the Schrödinger equation. After certain approximations are made, the motion of nuclei can be separated from the motion of electrons, and the nuclei can be treated as classical objects described by Newton's equations.
In molecular physics it is common to solve the time-independent Schrödinger equation with the nuclei in fixed positions. In our group this approach has been extended by inclusion of relativistic effects. Our goal is to further extend the existing code to calculate time-dependent properties of molecules, including the motion of nuclei.
language SK-EN; 60 minutes

BDI (belief-desire-intention) model v architektúre ABAsim

Dátum: 14.12.2012 | Vložil: Michal Varga

Jazyk S, 30min

Hybridný simulačný model pre pohyb chodcov

Dátum: 14.12.2012 | Vložil: Anna Kormanová

Prepojenie modelov rôznej granularity - mikroskopický, mezoskopický a makroskopický.
Jazyk SK, 30 min

RNA folding kinetics with help of landscape abstraction

Dátum: 14.12.2012 | Vložil: Marcel Kucharík

RNA folding kinetics of larger systems (sequence length > 100nt) is a problem with no known fast solution yet. In this talk I would want to explain how to look at this problem with help of landscape abstraction and what are advantages and downfalls of this approach.
language EN; 30+ minutes

Bounded Model Checking, SAT Solvers and Completeness

Dátum: 13.12.2012 | Vložil: Daniel Bundala

Bounded model checking (BMC) is a highly successful bug-finding method that uses efficient SAT solvers to examine paths of bounded length for violations of a given specification. A completeness threshold for a given model M and specification is a bound k such that, if no counterexample of length k or less can be found in M, then M in fact satisfies the specification. The quest for ‘small’ completeness thresholds in BMC goes back to the very inception of the technique, over a decade ago, and remains a topic of active research. Language SK/EN, 30+ minutes

Dynamic Systems with Non-uniform Sampling

Dátum: 13.12.2012 | Vložil: Michal Kochláň

This presentation examines non-uniform sampling control as another way of control where sampling is triggered only if a critical or desired event occurs. Thus, these control systems are also referred as event-based control systems. Non-uniform sampling enables to reduce the control overhead, information exchange, energy consumption, technical means usage and many others. Present control system requirements are stability, accuracy and response time, therefore, precisely chosen event-detection logic can significantly improve the overall system performance. The results in this field are still scattered and only few are available.
language EN (SK); 30 minutes

Elastic objects flowing in fluid

Dátum: 13.12.2012 | Vložil: Iva Jancigova

Combination of Lattice Boltzmann Method with Immersed Boundary Method can be used to model red blood cells moving in fluid. Presentation will focus on treatment of boundary and specification of good validation experiments.
language EN (SK); 30 minutes

Riešenie úlohy prideľovania dopravných prostriedkov pomocou memetického algoritmu

Dátum: 11.12.2012 | Vložil: Ľubomír Toman

Jazyk S, 30 min

Allowed and forbidden automorphisms

Dátum: 10.12.2012 | Vložil: Veronika Hucikova

In previous work we studied maps with maximal group of automorphisms but without orientation reversing automorphism. This work is done. Now we consider which other automorphism to allow or forbid for maximal symetric map to obtain intreseting results.

Big Science in Big Data

Dátum: 27.11.2012 | Vložil: Jakub Závodný

An informal assortment of technological challenges encountered in the internet industry, mathematical methods used to solve them, and job opportunities for a computer scientist. Inspired by experience from Google.
language EN; 60 minutes; potentially a shared presentation

Factorisation in Relational Databases

Dátum: 27.11.2012 | Vložil: Jakub Závodný

Removing the redundancy in relational databases using factorisation of polynomials. Exploiting join dependencies and tree decompositions to factorise query results. Using factorised relations to speed up data processing.
language EN; 30 minutes

Interval Probabilities

Dátum: 25.11.2012 | Vložil: Rastislav Lenhardt

Reasoning about systems, where transition probabilities are not fixed, but are inside given intervals. It is accompanied by the application of methods from Machine Learning to synthesise the optimal values of parameters. language SK-EN; 30+ minutes

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